Coastal Carolina Regional Airport adds new truck to firefighting fleet

Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle brings increased safety to airport operations

(New Bern, N.C. – Jan. 24, 2022) – Coastal Carolina Regional Airport’s Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) crew has added a new vehicle to its growing fleet.

On Wednesday, January 19th, a state-of-the-art E-ONE 4x4, 1585-gallon Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicle was delivered to EWN. This newest addition to the E-ONE fleet will allow the ARFF team to deliver a higher tier of safety and expertise with increased efficiency.

The new truck has touch screen displays, digital readouts and can disperse dry chemical firefighting agent through the bumper turret using controls in the driver's cabin. Without that new dispersal capability, firefighters have to disembark and use a handline to disperse dry chemical agent, putting them at increased risk.

The E-ONE is designed and manufactured specifically to fight aircraft fires, using a combination of water, Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), and dry chemicals.

“We opened our new ARFF building back in November and are so pleased to welcome this new, state-of-the-art truck into our new facility. The addition of a second E-ONE vehicle makes it possible for our crew to provide the highest level of safety,” said Airport Operations Manager Ed Martin.

The truck was purchased through an FAA grant and will allow the airport to increase its FAA ARFF Index to support larger aircraft, indicating the increased facilities, equipment and capabilities at the airport.

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